Imagining a factory without manual intervention is not a “dream” but is a “reality”. However it should not, to be formulating misconception to replace all human hands with the limbs of machine for industrial growth. The technique is as simple as conjugation of human brain (through automation products) and machine hand.
Automation Technology has approached perhaps highest level (since not sure of human brain imagination and its dareness). The scope of automation has widen to industries owing to many folds advantages confer to automation products where they overcome the limitations of traditional industries by providing repeatability, increase in production, improving the quality control and integrating business system and also by reducing wastage and labor. Automation is serving almost all the industries whether it is from commodity fields like metals, paper, plastic, textile, foil, rubber, tyres, food & beverages, pharmaceuticals or from service sectors like health, water, electricity, transport, telecom, sanitation etc. to recycling of resources and wastage.
Trained engineers in the field of electronics, electrical and instrumentation often lack practical exposure, real time logic management and troubleshooting which cause them to struggle in getting a reputed job or in vertical growth. The problem faced by the such engineers is more aggravated due to an escalating number of industries opting automation Under the circumstances, hence knowledge of automation products not only improves the employment graph but also increase the pay scale.